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Apparel Sewing Machines

High Performance Machinery. High Quality Production.

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Upholstery Sewing Machines

Heavy Duty Machines Built Upon Trust.

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Special Automation Machines

Automation Improves Productivity. Exponentially.

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Long Arm Sewing Machines

Reliably Equipping the Tarps Manufacturing Industry since 1988.

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Pattern Sewing Machines

CNC Sewing Machines Available with Unlimited X-Range

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Popular Categories

Walking Foot Machines

For sewing heavy duty fabric

Chainstitch Machines

For sewing fabrics difficult to bind

Zig-Zag Walking Foot

For reinforced stitching

Shoes & Leatherwork

Special workmanship sewing machines

Industrial Sergers

Browse our automatic and regular sergers

Cylinder Arm Machines

Great for sewing into hard to reach areas

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Parts & Supplies

Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, designer, student, or hobbyist, Jacksew will provide you with the highest-quality lowest-cost sewing supplies and equipment to meet your needs. Please browse our massive inventory, which includes familiar brand names along with our custom manufactured goods.

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Portable machines are convenient for on-site sewing


Needles, bobbins, thread, oil, and more

Direct Drives

Sewing machines with built-in servo motor


Find the right quilting machine for your needs

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Comparing Sewing Machine Feeding Mechanisms

Comparing Sewing Machine Feeding Mechanisms

Posted by Jacksew on Sep 26, 2021

Every sewing machine features a form of feeding that allow them to move materials to create a stitch. Because of this, it’s beneficial to understand the differences between these f
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