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Direct Drive Sewing Machines10

Direct Drive sewing machines come with a built-in high efficiency servo-motor. Thanks to their compact design, Direct Drives do not require a belt and allow for a more precise, smooth, and efficient transfer of movement, increasing the productivity of the operator.

Direct Drive Sewing Machines
Extra Heavy Duty Machines18

Extra Heavy Duty Sewing Machines are designed to handle extreme sewing conditions involving thick and dense fabrics and high TEX threads. Those machines come with special reinforced feeding mechanisms and are often coupled with pneumatic-assisted technologies.

Extra Heavy Duty Machines
Portable Sewing Machines12

Portable sewing machine are best for sewers who prefer to keep things lightweight and mobile and allow for the more flexible on-site work.

Portable Sewing Machines
Refurbished Machines1

Not quite ready for a brand new sewing machine? Feel free to take a look at some of our top refurbished sewing machine that are certified by our in-house technicians. All our refurbished sewing machines are testable and sewn off on-demand in store or remotely via live video.

Refurbished Machines
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Need help choosing your next sewing machine?

Jacksew is committed in helping you find the right sewing machine for your budget and sewing needs. Feel free to check our articles on tips for buying a sewing machine in the Blog section below, or you may contact us and we will assist you with suggestions of what might be the right machine to invest in.

Besides, you can also check our Best Selling sewing machines as a reference of what machines are the most commonly used. We provide you with a comprehensive way to shop comfortably and find the right machine for your project using detailed descriptions, specs, images, and videos.

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