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Zig-Zag Sewing

Zig-zag sewing machines are useful for stitching stretchable fabrics and reinforcing buttonholes. Browse our collection of industrial zig-zag machines today.

Drop Feed Zig-Zag13

Drop Feed Zig-Zag sewing machines are for sewing light to medium heavy weight fabrics including clothing, shoes and caps, leather articles, bags and more. Other applications include attaching lace, elastic band, bottom hemming, edge stitching, butted seaming, and similar operations.

Drop Feed Zig-Zag
Walking Foot Zig-Zag5

Zig-Zag Walking Foot sewing machines combine the power of both the compound walking foot feed and the Zig-Zag stitching and are designed for sewing medium to heavy weight fabrics that are difficult to feed when sewn like wet suits, shoes, boots, leather, tarpaulins.

Walking Foot Zig-Zag
Long Arm Zig-Zag4

Long Arm Zig-Zag sewing machines allow for a larger sewing area while giving you access to the power of Zig-Zag stitching. Those machines are very heavy duty machines and allow for reinforced sewing for fabrics that are difficult to stitch.

Long Arm Zig-Zag
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