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Upholstery Sewing

Upholstery sewing machines are stronger and able to handle larger needles and heavier fabrics. Browse our broad selection of heavy duty sewing machines.

Walking Foot Machines39

Our industrial walking foot sewing machines are perfect for quickly and reliably sewing multiple layers of fabric. Browse our full selection online today.

Walking Foot Machines
Long Arm Walking Foot22

Long Arm Walking Foot sewing machines allow for a larger sewing area giving you access to sewing large dimension projects such as boat covers, tents, tarps, and more.

Long Arm Walking Foot
Cylinder Arm Walking Foot16

Cylinder arm sewing machines are great for sewing into hard to reach areas, corners, gussets or sewing cylindrical products such as leather bags. The open sewing area around the cylinder arm makes it easy to turn and maneuver the product being sewn without having to fold or roll the product.

Cylinder Arm Walking Foot
Post Bed Machines26

Post machines allow to sew in any direction by rotating the work and best suited to the sewing of heavy weight materials sewing processes such as car-seats, sofas, and sports goods.

Post Bed Machines
Needle Feed Machines13

Needle feed is a two-part system where the needle moves in tandem with the feed dog to pull the fabric through the machine. The needle feed can handle both thick and thin applications but works well for projects of a variable thickness and long seam runs.

Needle Feed Machines
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Need help choosing your next sewing machine?

At Jacksew, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. We are always ready to assist you whether it is for acquiring a new sewing machine, ordering parts, or consulting with us on custom sewing solutions. Should you need any parts or supplies, browse our dedicated parts website: or give us a call at (727) 335-3434.

If you plan to frequently order sewing machines or replacement parts from us, we would be glad to open an account for you. If interested in setting up an account, send us an email at

Again, we would be delighted to welcome you to the Jacksew family and become your trusted partner for all your industrial sewing machines and parts needs! We look forward to the continued opportunity to serve you and contribute to the success of your business. Thank you again for considering Jacksew as your preferred supplier. We appreciate your time and trust.

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